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Top 5 most valuable cards from Pokemon Brilliant stars

Being the first expansion pack of the year 2022, Brilliant Stars had a lot riding on its shoulders; it had to be on par with some of the best expansions Pokemon had released in 2021 and set the stage for the TCG for this upcoming year. And I’m very glad to say that it absolutely did!

Not only did we get some of the best cards we’ve seen in a while, but also a new card type in the form of V STAR. The expansion has a lot of great cards that you could go after, especially these top 5 most expensive cards.

These 5 cards have been some of the most valuable since the drop, so we decided to shed some light on them so that you can make an informed purchase if you ever go to buy them!

5. Charizard V Full Art ($45)

We start our list with the Full Art Charizard V, which had made noise even before the expansion dropped. The illustration on it genuinely sets it apart, mainly the white borders, which make the Pokemon pop out of the background!

4. Arceus V STAR Secret ($50)

The V Star Arceus was the flagship card from the expansion, and we knew this even before the expansion dropped, so it’s not weird to see it on place 4!.

3. Arceus V Alternate Full Art ($60)

Yes, another Arceus card; gets used to the Arceus and Charziards, as they dominate this expansion. The Alt Full Art versions tend to be in demand on every release, thanks to the beautiful illustrations they get!

2. Charizard V STAR Secret (rainbow) ($150)

The Rainbow version of the Charizard V Star finds a place in the top 5. The normal version looks great, but the rainbow version adds something extra to the card, something that was missing from the original one.

1. Charizard V Alternate Full Art ($200)

The Charizard V Alt Full Art is an iconic card; I knew it would be a classic when I saw the card in leaks for the first time. It can be seen sparing with its grass counterpart, Venusaur!

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