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Top 5 most valuable cards from Pokemon Astral Radiance?

The Astral Radoinace expansion will be the 10th expansion in the Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield era of cards, so it will obviously be a big one. And we already have a lot of knowledge about this expansion, as the Japanese equivalent was released a while ago, and we have details about the cards.

So we decided to create a list of the top 5 most valuable cards from the expansion so that you know which cards to go after when the expansion finally drops on May 27th. (the prices mentioned in this list are subject to change as we have taken prices from the Japanese markets, which don’t always see eye to eye with the western one)

5. Palkia V Star – $35

The Japanese expansion was called Space Juggler and Time Gazer, paying an homage to the two legendaries who got new forms in the latest Legends game; hence the Palkia and Dialga cards are really high in demand. And this Palkia V Star card is simply phenomenal, the illustration is on point, plus it is a very good card in battle as well.

4. Alt Art Palkia V – $35

This card is the one that I’m dying to get my hands on. The Alt Art Palkia showcases Palkia’s power through the background whilst looking amazing. This card is an art piece and worthy of the price it commands.

3. Path to the peak Gold – $37

The sheer usability of this card s the reason why it is ranked up so high, plus the gold foil makes it a beautiful card to look at.

2. Gardenia Full Art – $40

The runner spot belongs to the sweet Gardenia, who got a beautiful full art card in this expansion in Japan. Recently, there has been a trend to cop full art trainer cards, and this one fits the bill.

1. Irida Full Art – $140

Irida is a fan favorite in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The fans have received her character well since the game dropped, so it’s not surprising to see her card being valued so high in Japan. The legends Arceus game created something new in the Pokemon industry, and it will be remembered for that, and so will this card.

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