LIVE Twitch Openings


We Be Nerdy LLC is a family owned company by a couple Nerdz that fell in love, but not before
falling in love with the world of Pokémon. Both of us have been hooked since grade school and now
have a family of Nerdz! We now enjoy showing these wonderful creatures to the next generation so
they can share the enjoyment we have had since the 90’s!

When we are not providing top quality Pokémon Products at a great price, Brian, Kamilah, and Bobby
love spending time on the lake, visiting with the wonderful family, and enjoying all the wonderful
outdoors that Maine has to offer! We also have a huge obsession with gaming which is where we began
twitch streaming originally! Pokémon Unite, Apex, Monster Hunter, Rocket League, and New World are just a few of our
favorites to play in our downtime. We have two awesome dogs named Trigger and Crowley, (Yes, from
Supernatural!) Aussie Shepard/Mini Aussie Shepard and Aussie Shepard/Golden Doodle Mixes.
Our love for opening, collecting, and playing Pokémon TCG was so much that we launched We Be Nerdy
LLC in October 2021! Now we get to share our passion for this timeless pastime with everyone and
encourage a new generation of Trainers! Stay Nerdy!